Terms to Participate


I, through this instrument, confirm my registration in the Volunteer Program of CHINA THREE GORGES BRASIL ENERGIA LTDA., a limited company, registered in the CNPJ [Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Jurídica (National Registry of Legal Entities)] under No. 19.014.221/0001-47, with headquarters in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, at Rua Funchal nº. 418, 3º andar, sala 01, CEP [zip code]: 04551-060, directly or by the companies of the CHINA THREE GORGES CORPORATION Group (“Grupo CTG Brasil”), developed by the company’s Brand, Communications and Sustainability area, which consists of participating in several voluntary activities that will occur over the years.

I hereby declare that the voluntary work is an individual and absolute decision, having no employment relationship, as provided for in Law No. 9.608, of February 18, 1998 and other amendments, copied below:

Volunteering Law No. 9.608 of 02/18/1998:

Art. 1 - It is considered voluntary service, for the purposes of this Law, the unremunerated activity provided by a natural person to a public entity of any nature or a private non-profit institution that has civic, cultural, educational, scientific, recreational, or personal assistance objectives. Sole paragraph: Voluntary service does not generate an employment relationship nor any labor, social security, or similar obligation. Art. 2 - The voluntary service shall be performed after the conclusion of a Registration Term between the public or private entity and the provider of the voluntary service, and the purpose and the conditions of the service shall be stipulated in this Term. Art. 3 - The volunteer service provider may be reimbursed for the expenses that he/she demonstrably carries out while performing the voluntary activities. Sole paragraph: The expenses to be reimbursed shall be expressly authorized by the entity for which the voluntary service is provided.

I furthermore declare that I am aware of the specific legislation and I accept to act as a volunteer in accordance with the present “Volunteer Program Registration Term,” which shall enter into effect from this date, and may be cancelled at any time by my own initiative, provided that I communicate the fact to the company in writing.


I hereby authorize the Grupo CTG BRASIL to use, capture, reproduce, explore, and publish my images and/or voice, fully or partially, captured through filming, audio, and photographs, as well as declarations, testimonials, and reports of activities carried out, concerning my performance in the Volunteer Program, for dissemination and as commercial material, including, but not limited to campaigns for institutional and publicity purposes, in any media, including, but not limited to pages on the Internet, printed and electronic presentations, magazines, banners, inserts in radio, television, the Internet and any other vehicles.

This authorization shall be granted, free of charge, and without any territorial limits, on an unlimited basis and for a period of 10 (ten) years, counting from the person’s termination of this Volunteer Program, so that use can be made, in any form, in whole or in part, of this material or of any reproduction. I declare that I hereby waive any right of inspection or approval of the use of the above mentioned material, recognizing that the Grupo CTG BRASIL will rely on this authorization in an absolute manner and I also agree to not require any compensation related to the exercise of the authorizations granted through this instrument. This being the expression of my will, I hereby declare that I authorize the use described above, in a total, irrevocable, and intractable manner, without there being anything that can be claimed at any time or under any title whatsoever, including in relation to copyright and related rights.

I also declare, be aware and in accordance with the Volunteer Policy of CTG Brasil:

POLICY CTG Brasil Volunteer Program Brand, Communication & Sustainability

1. Objective

This policy aims to establish the guidelines of the Program, aligned with the values and principles of the Company. CTG Brasil’s volunteer program seeks to:

  • Stimulate the culture of volunteering and entrepreneurial citizenship;
  • Support all Employees in carrying out the activities proposed by the volunteer program;
  • Increase the integration and motivation of Employees and their engagement with the company;
  • Offer the opportunity to bring the participant closer to the community and increase their involvement with social causes;
  • Contribute to sustainable development by supporting low-income communities in the regions where CTG Brasil operates;
  • Promote a kind of relationship from which everyone benefits:
  • The participant acquires learning, awareness, and experiences with situations that differ from their everyday life, and this stimulates their creativity and resilience;
  • CTG Brasil will have Employees and partners that are more engaged.
  • The community will have the benefits from the action itself.

2. Applicability

This policy applies to all business areas and companies of CTG in Brazil.

3. Responsibilities


All that is needed to participate in CTG Brasil's volunteer program is to have good will and be committed and willing to help.

CTG Brasil's Volunteer Program can promote occasional and continuous actions, giving individuals the possibility to contribute with the time and involvement available to them at a particular moment.

To participate in the volunteer actions of CTG Brasil, the volunteer must respect all the company's policies and procedures, especially theCode of Ethics and Conduct in Business and the Health and Safety at Work Policy (POL-SS01);and always maintain a good relationship with everyone, both participants and beneficiaries, treating them in a respectful manner, without distinction of race, gender, social class, religion, and opinion.

Furthermore, the participant must be committed to the satisfactory progress of the action, preparing themselves in advance, seeking to take part in potential training and qualification programs offered, being assiduous and punctual, and honoring their commitments. In case they cannot attend the action or any activity of the program, they must notify the Communication area of CTG Brasil in advance.

Participating in volunteer actions is always a great way to learn about citizenship. Consequently, the volunteer should:

  • Be able to listen and accept feedback from the institutions, accepting any supervision and control exercised by third parties, as well as eventual criticism;
  • Remain optimistic and have a posture aimed at bringing people together when facing difficult situations;
  • When relating to the public, they must not make any commitments beyond the scope of the action determined by CTG Brasil; this way the volunteer will not create expectations that may not be met;
  • Act, without conflict of interest, in volunteering activities, knowing that they are not authorized to manifest themselves institutionally on behalf of CTG Brasil or to link the company’s image to volunteering activities developed in projects that are not directly maintained by or which are not part of partnerships with the Company;
  • Act in accordance with the Law of Volunteering, which states, inter alia, that corporate volunteering actions and independent volunteering actions do not generate an employment relationship or any obligation of a labor, social security, or related nature.

And finally, the volunteer must bring with them all the good will and enthusiasm they have, always delivering their best. Volunteering implies making a commitment to the beneficiary public.

Failure to comply with the volunteer’s expected behavior may lead to the exclusion of the employee from the volunteer program.


The management and coordination of the volunteer program are the responsibility of the Brand, Communication & Sustainability area of CTG Brasil. The department’s responsibilities are, among others:

  • Assess whether volunteering initiatives and actions are aligned with the values of CTG Brasil.
  • Select initiatives and actions to make them available to volunteers;
  • Support the elaboration and dissemination of engagement and mobilization campaigns for Employees regarding volunteering actions.
  • Review and update the CTG Brasil Volunteer Portal (www.voluntariadoctgbrasil.v2v.net).
  • Approve funds and reimbursements for volunteering actions;
  • Monitor the implementation of the policy through management indicators.
  • Carry out periodic consolidations of the program and disseminate relevant information and results internally and externally;
  • Provide support for the issues that arise in relation to the program as a whole (clarify the doubts of the volunteers);
  • Monitor volunteer attendance;
  • Promote the actions and their results on the Company’s communication channels.


Evaluate the partnerships with institutions, NGOs, and other entities, embedding them, if applicable, in the process of background checks (due diligence) for the purpose of issuing opinions to the Brand, Communication & Sustainability area.

4. General Considerations

For CTG Brasil, a Volunteer is: “Someone who is driven by an ethics of solidarity, someone who donates – spontaneously and without remuneration – time, work, and talent for causes of social and community interest. Volunteering is born from this intersection of solidarity and citizenship. As a result, volunteering helps cement the foundations of democracy when it combines solidarity, civic engagement, and a commitment to social transformation. Volunteering work is also increasingly a two-way street: not only generosity and giving, but also openness to new experiences, learning opportunities, pleasure in being helpful, the creating of new interaction links, and the affirmation of the communal meaning.”

Corporate volunteering is when businesses facilitate and stimulate this kind of volunteering actions. This is CTG Brasil’s intention, to provide, from its volunteer program, the possibility for its employees to act as volunteers, offering their time and skills as a way to support and develop the communities where the company operates. Through these actions, participants will have new experiences, contributing to their personal development as well.

With this, the Company seeks to contribute even more to sustainable development, fostering actions related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). CTG Brasil’s volunteer program is part of its Sustainability strategy.



Volunteering actions must be aligned with the values and principles of the Company, and therefore, CTG Brasil recommends that they relate to the focus of social investments, donations, and sponsorships of CTG Brasil. As a consequence, CTG Brasil focuses its social actions on the topics described below, but is not limited to them, since each community may have different needs, according to its context, and the choice of the topic of the action can be freely made.

Local development and sustainable tourism:Actions that have the purpose of stimulating the autonomy of the regions where CTG Brasil operates, supporting local development and sustainable tourism.

  • Examples of volunteering actions included in this topic: Carrying out training for young people from local communities by volunteers, participation and contribution of volunteers in actions to stimulate local development.

Education and Culture:Actions aimed at fostering broader perspectives and improving the education, quality of life, and social welfare of the communities where it operates.

  • Examples of volunteering actions included in this topic: Participation of volunteers in local community schools and events.

Sport and Health:Actions that aim at stimulating the practice of sports and improving the health of the communities where it operates.

  • Examples of volunteering actions included in this topic: Participation of volunteers in sporting activities in schools and local sporting events.

Environment:Actions that aim at preserving the environment and protecting the natural resources of the regions where CTG Brasil operates.

  • Examples of volunteering actions included in this topic: Participation of volunteers in socio-environmental education workshops, performance of activities to stimulate in-company recycling, and participation in reservoir cleanup events and PPA (Permanent Preservation Areas) areas.

In addition to these actions, punctual actions will also be promoted, such as blood donation campaigns and aid for natural disasters, among others, according to local needs and events.

4.1.2. Target Audience

CTG Brasil’s volunteering actions have as their main target audience, but are not limited to:

  • Children, adolescents, and teachers of local schools;
  • Young and low-income adults and groups discriminated in the labor market of the communities where it operates;
  • Residents of the operations’ surrounding areas, of riverside areas, etc.

4.1.3 Target Region

The volunteering actions of CTG Brasil have as their main target area the areas where the company has or aims to have undertakings/activities (surrounding cities and areas of influence) and areas where the company maintains administrative activities.


4.2.1. Program Registration

To register in the volunteer program, registration must be made on the CTG Brasil Volunteer Portal (www.voluntariadoctgbrasil.v2v.net). Employees will then be able to discover the actions available, register for them, and accompany the results of the program. To participate in an action, the participant must register for the action chosen in the portal.

Volunteering actions are exercised freely, observing Law 13.297/16 and 9.608/98 (Volunteering Service Law). Therefore, before initiating an activity as a volunteer in the CTG Brasil volunteer program, the participant must sign the Registration term between the volunteer and the organization, available on the portal www.voluntariadoctgbrasil.v2v.net.

Employees of CTG Brasil are eligible to be participants. Participation is also allowed for their families and for partners of the Company, namely those with which CTG Brasil maintains commercial or non-commercial relations (suppliers, customers, and sectoral organizations). External participants must be invited by the employee(s) of CTG Brasil to participate in the activities through the portal www.voluntariadoctgbrasil.v2v.net

Volunteering participation may be individual (actions performed by a single volunteer) or in a group, from the participation of volunteers in regional volunteer teams, such as the Ecotimes (see Appendix I – Ecotime Manual).

4.2.2. Criteria for Eligibility and Selection of Actions

Volunteering initiatives and actions must be aligned with CTG Brasil’s values and preferably with the topics described in Item 4.1 “Focus of Volunteering at CTG Brasil.”

Moreover, actions may not have a partisan political character and/or be related to the local calendar, such as local parties on commemorative dates and they may not present risks and dangers to the physical and moral integrity of the participant and third parties.

4.2.3. Approval of Actions

CTG Brasil provides a portfolio of actions and projects with which partners and Employees can get involved. This portfolio of actions will be available on the CTG Brasil Volunteer Portal.

The actions and projects can be carried out in partnership with different organizations such as NGOs, institutes, or other companies.

Additionally, Employees may suggest actions by completing the Actions module on the CTG Brasil Volunteer Portal (www.voluntariadoctgbrasil.v2v.net), which will be sent automatically to the communication area for analysis and final acceptance, according to CTG Brasil’s criteria (Item 4.2.2). If the action is approved, it will be inserted into the portal and will be available for volunteer registration. Whether the action is approved or not, the communication area must provide feedback to the volunteer that requested it.

Furthermore, institutions needing volunteers can complete the institution module on the CTG Brasil Volunteer Portal. If they conform to Chapter 4.2.2 Eligibility Criteria and if approved by the communication area, the institutions will be registered and will become available on the portal to receive volunteers from CTG Brasil.

4.2.4. Schedule of Activities

CTG Brasil encourages its employees to participate in social actions in their communities and will organize specific events for this purpose.

These volunteer practices should be held outside working hours.

In case of corporate volunteer activities organized within working hours - including activities planning actions with other volunteers - the volunteer who is interested in participating must have the formal authorization of his/her immediate superior to participate.

Independent actions, which are voluntary actions that are not related to the Company's Volunteer Program, are the responsibility of the participant.

4.2.5. Funds and Reimbursements

The Employee registered as a volunteer can rely on the reimbursement of expenses for the performance of the volunteer actions approved in the program. The amount available for reimbursement of expenses is related to the size of the action (if it is punctual or continuous) and with CTG Brasil’s possibilities. This threshold will be informed before the activity starts.

Any expense must be approved in advance by the Brand, Communication & Sustainability area, responsible for the budget of the volunteering actions, according to the Reimbursement of Expenses Policy (POL-FI03).

4.2.6. Trainings

When beginning their participation, each volunteer must go through an online training available to all volunteer program participants. The training will be available on the CTG Brasil Volunteer Portal (www.voluntariadoctgbrasil.v2v.net). The purpose of this training is to provide awareness of the topic and prepare the volunteer for their initial actions.

In addition to this initial training, other specific training programs may potentially be carried out for certain projects that require greater preparation of the participants. These additional training programs will also be offered by CTG Brasil or may be organized by more experienced volunteers, as possible, and if necessary.

4.2.7. Registering the Actions

It is very important that volunteers register the results of the actions on the portal.

The completion of these fields is important because with this information, CTG Brasil will accompany the volunteer’s attendance and support, in addition to being able to evaluate the results, improve, and continue the program. The action’s volunteer leader is responsible for this activity.

4.2.8. Monitoring the Actions

Based on the information entered on the results of the actions, the CTG Brasil Brand, Communication & Sustainability area will prepare annual reports with data on the volunteering actions such as qualitative and quantitative results, which will be disseminated according to CTG Brasil’s possibilities and needs.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please email voluntariado@ctgbr.com.br or access the CTG Brasil Volunteer Portal www.voluntariadoctgbrasil.v2v.net

5. References

  • CTG Brasil’s Sustainability Policy;
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6. Effective

From 2017, November 28th

7. Exceptions

Not applicable.

8. Definitions

Volunteer Service: un-remunerated activity provided by a natural person to a public entity of any nature or a private non-profit institution that has civic, cultural, educational, scientific, recreational, or personal assistance objectives.

9. Appendices

  • Appendix 1 – Ecotime Manual.