Local Development and Sustainable Tourism

Actions that have the purpose of stimulating the autonomy of the regions where CTG Brasil operates, supporting local development and sustainable tourism.

Volunteer action tips to be registered here:

• Develop awareness of sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature
• Make and maintain a Citizenship Mural in organizations and schools – query and dissemination of work offers, vocational training courses, income generation, and community services (health, documents, among others)
• Promote free professional training and income generation for non-working people and low-income communities
• Promote discussions on current consumption issues and impacts on the planet by offering alternatives and solutions to a more shared economy
• Organize meetings and fairs that promote local culture and products
• Offer training in financial education
• Foster entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation
• Carry out fairs to exchange used materials, books, toys, etc.
• Act on projects that articulate and support the development of communities through actions of improvement, remodeling, and construction of housing units
• Carry out accident prevention campaigns
• Organize lectures that prepare the community for emergencies.