I want to be a Volunteer

Volunteer donates time, work and talent 

For us, volunteer is someone who is driven by an ethics of solidarity, someone who donates – spontaneously and without remuneration – time, work, and talent for causes of social and community interest. 

Volunteering is born from this intersection of solidarity and citizenship. As a result, volunteering helps cement the foundations of democracy when it combines solidarity, civic engagement, and a commitment to social transformation. Volunteering work is also increasingly a two-way street: not only generosity and giving, but also openness to new experiences, learning opportunities, pleasure in being helpful, the creating of new interaction links, and the affirmation of the communal meaning.

The volunteer is responsible

To participate in the CTG Brasil Volunteer Program, all you have to do is be ready, committed and willing to help.

The CTG Brasil Volunteer Program can promote punctual and continuous actions, giving the possibility of each one to contribute with the time and involvement that he/she has available at the moment.

To participate in the volunteer actions of CTG Brasil, the volunteer must respect all the company's policies and procedures, especially the Code of Ethics and Conduct in Business and the Health and Safety at Work Policy; and always maintain a good relationship with everyone, both participants and beneficiaries, treating them in a respectful manner, without distinction of race, gender, social class, religion, and opinion.

Furthermore, the participant must be committed to the satisfactory progress of the action, preparing themselves in advance, seeking to take part in potential training and qualification programs offered, being assiduous and punctual, and honoring their commitments. In case they cannot attend the action or any activity of the program, they must notify the Brand, Communications & Sustainability area of CTG Brasil in advance.

The volunteer is happy and full of energy

The volunteer must bring with them all the good will and enthusiasm they have, always delivering their best. Volunteering implies making a commitment to the beneficiary public. 

Take a look at CTG Brasil's Volunteer Policy and be part of this great team! 

Check out CTG Brasil's Volunteer Manual and join our Quiz in Basic Training.