Guri project: diamond sponsor stamp

We have just received from Guri Project the Diamond Sponsor stamp and we are happy to be able to provide many projects in the cities near our hydropower power plants, such as Castilho, Ilha Solteira, Rosana, Mirador do Paranapanema, Fartura, Sandovalina and Salto Grande. 

And we have already news for those interested in joining! Applications for the courses offered by the Guri Project in the first semester are open until Feb.22nd. 

There are over 30 free music courses for children and young people from 6 to 18 years old. To see more information and to enroll, interested parties should access the website 

Sponsoring the Guri Project is a way to contribute to the promotion of music education, culture and leisure, collaborating for the development of people and communities and for the formation of citizens, which is totally related to our values.