CTG Brasil sponsors Race for Green

In June, São Paulo (SP) and Avaré (SP) received the Race for Green, which had about 4,000 and 2,500 participants, respectively, among athletes and amateurs, in the race and walking events.

In addition to encouraging sports as a way to have a better quality of life, the Race for Green seeks to raise awareness about the importance of environmental preservation. To support this cause, the entire event is fueled by solar energy generated in a vehicle adapted with photovoltaic plates. Running and walking also stimulates solidarity by encouraging the donation of food.

The next edition of the Race for Green will be held in the city of Ilha Solteira (SP) on Aug.5th and registrations are already open. By the end of the year, the cities Três Lagoas (MS) and Ourinhos (SP) will also host the event. Follow up and participate:  www.corridapeloverde.com.br