CTG Brasil Volunteer Program

If you are willing to make a difference, seek a greater purpose, wanna use your energy and all your talent to change the world, come with us!

CTG Brasil’s Volunteer Program was born out of our desire to do more for our community and to strengthen ourselves as a team.

We want to encourage our employees who already do voluntary work, and all those who still do not act, to offer their time and skills to support and develop the communities where we operate.

Through the actions, the participants will have the opportunity to learn and experience situations that will contribute to their own development, as well as doing a huge well-being for all the people involved.

With the program, CTG Brasil seeks to contribute even more to Sustainable Development by promoting actions related to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

We understand that Sustainable Development must permeate all our activities, and therefore, it's a mission of each one of our employees.

CTG Brasil's Volunteer Program is part of our Sustainability strategy. We know that our business will only be sustainable if it generates value to all stakeholders.

If you are already a volunteer, you will find in this portal a space to share your experience and encourage your colleagues to embrace a good cause. If you still do not act, here is a great opportunity to get started. Here you can learn what other volunteers and social organizations are doing to build a better world!

This space was made for you. Be part of the change!

Get to Know the focus of CTG Brasil volunteering

Volunteer actions must be aligned with our values and principles. Our focus is on the topics described below, but is not limited to them, since each community may have different needs, according to its context, and the choice of the topic of the action can be freely made.

  • Local development and sustainable tourism: Actions that have the purpose of stimulating the autonomy of the regions where CTG Brasil operates, supporting local development and sustainable tourism.

  • Education and Culture: Actions aimed at fostering broader perspectives and improving the education, quality of life, and social welfare of the communities where it operates.

  • Sport and Health: Actions that aim at stimulating the practice of sports and improving the health of the communities where it operates.

  • Environment: Actions that aim at preserving the environment and protecting the natural resources of the regions where CTG Brasil operates.

In addition to these actions, punctual actions will also be promoted, such as blood donation campaigns and aid for natural disasters, among others, according to local needs and events.

About Us

We are CTG Brasil. A company that brings together Brazilian and Chinese talent to generate clean quality energy for the homes and lives of people. Although our history in Brazil is still recent, we are already present in 10 Brazilian states and we are the second largest private energy producer in the country with 8.28 GW of installed capacity in hydroelectric and wind energy.

We are part of China Three Gorges Corporation, a global leader in clean energy, present in more than 40 countries and responsible for building and operating the world's largest hydroelectric power plant, the Three Gorges Power Plant, on the Yangtze River in China.

We are in Brazil to stay. We want to play an important role in the development of Brazilian society and economy, generating jobs for local communities, preserving natural resources and contributing to a cleaner energy matrix. We are open to learning, sharing and discovering new possibilities to continuously improve our practices, building and strengthening lasting partnerships. Our story is just beginning and we believe in a bright future for all of us.

Visit our website and find out more about CTG Brasil: www.ctgbr.com.br

Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals - SDG to guide all countries in their development process.

The SDGs were built on the legacy of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and will conclude what they have failed to achieve. They are integrated and indivisible, and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

In total there are 17 Objectives and 169 goals - to end poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and face climate change - to be achieved by 2030. That’s why it’s called 2030 Agenda.

Through our Volunteer Program, you can contribute to this agenda. The CTG Brasil's Brand, Communications & Sustainability area will soon talk more about how to take advantage of this opportunity to connect voluntary actions in each of the Goals. Let's build a better world together. #bepartofthechange