2018 Social Projects Balance

This week, our Sustainability area completed the balance on the social projects supported by CTG Brasil in 2018 and the result made us very proud! 

In total, we allocated R$ 15.5 million to sponsor 60 projects that benefited more than 600 thousand people in the cities around our plants and reservoirs. 

The projects, aimed at education, culture, sport, health and social inclusion, were carried out by own resources, Rouanet Law, Child and Adolescent Fund, Elderly Lawy and Pronon, and reached the population of 392 cities. 

The communities that live around our operations are among our priorities, so it is a pleasure for us to be able to participate and collaborate in their development by taking actions that provide culture, leisure, health, quality of life, awareness and much more. 

May 2019 be even better!